Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Virgin and Veteran - Zoom H1 and Canon 500

'Lemon Coloured Gloves' @ The Cellar in Oxford by London Poetry Systems on Tuesday 26th July 2011 with Taran Singh, Caroline Bird, Tamara and the Martyrs and Adam Pellin Deeve 

Arrived at 'The Cellar' in Oxford, later than hoped, greeted by the sound of a solo metronomic drum. 'Tamara and the Martyrs' were doing a sound check in the close and dark well named venue.

Liking a bit of authenticity, this was an opportunity to capture a non-performed performance. So, with rookie style, I set up my 'virgin' Zoom H1 and 'veteran' Canon 500 and filmed the remaining guitar, vocals and bass of the sound check.

Setting Up
After the sound check, said a quick hello to Tamara and her new fringe, then TaMs went for food and I went to get a couple of bits of gear that I had chosen to leave in my car! (I would love to be able to always bring everything, and at the same time travel light). On the way back I stopped for some very speedy food and then went about deciding on how I was going to set up for the evening.

Show Time
8pm, opening time, punters started to arrive whilst Taran Singh et al sound checked their Jazz Poetry Improv (which I think was mistaken by some for the first performance of the evening) and I rushed to make sure that I had everything ready.

Sound check finished, the show began

Caroline Bird - This video is such a poor example of what a great poet Caroline is, esp as these aren't here words, so this is just a taste and when you have finished here go check out her website or search for her on YouTube

Jazz poetry from actor, Steve Hay

Pay Day Slag by Tamara and the Martyrs

I didn't have the battery, memory or stamina to capture everything, but came away wishing that I experienced evenings like this more often, with friends and maybe closer to home.

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